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Dissertation Proposal Writing Service

We take the needs of our clients seriously and this is the reason why we must check every paper for plagiarism before we forward it to the client. If a writer’s paper is found to have traces of plagiarism, then they are heavily penalized. We use state of the art software to ensure that the papers that we release to our clients will have no plagiarism detected if they are run through other checkers. Our policies with regards to writers that are found to have plagiarized their papers are very strict. If the percentage of plagiarism that is detected is very high, then the writer is fined heavily and in addition to this, he/she is cut off from our system. We do not give any more work to such writers. If the plagiarized content is less than 1%, the writer gets off with a warning but he is also asked to revise the paper before it is forwarded to the client.

At the preliminary stages of writing a dissertation, one has to work on a proposal which has to be approved before the researcher can proceed on to writing the whole dissertation. The proposal outlines the intentions of the researcher with regards to the content of the dissertation. It clearly lists the methods that will be used and the results that are expected from such methods. The proposal is similar to the dissertation in many respects and this is why most students find it difficult to write. We therefore offer these services to students, complete with a good outline of the objectives of the research. The proposal is made up of the following parts:

Title – The titles that we will help you to come up with are structured according to the information in the research paper and are easy to develop.

Objectives- We ensure that the objectives are easily attainable and that they will show why your dissertation is necessary. These objectives should prove to the person reading it the necessity of the dissertation.

Literature review- This is a review of our topic of research and it also shows how we intend to carry out the research.

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