Dissertation- Methodology Chapter Writing Service

Methodology is used to refer to the totality of the tools, processes and materials that were utilized by the researcher when writing a research paper. Therefore, the methodology should elucidate what processes the researcher intends to use at the onset of the research. When writing dissertation papers, there are a number of methodologies that the researcher can choose to apply. The methodology must conform to the specific research method that we have opted for in our dissertation. Some of these methodologies are:
Lab tests – This method is mostly employed by scientific researchers. It mostly consists of a description of the lab equipment that was used to carry out the tests that have been discussed in the research paper. Its literature review on the other hand consists of the test processes that were used.

Equipment – The equipment that is used during the research process is listed in the methodology chapter of the dissertation.

Material – For one to write a dissertation on a particular issue, they must consult the work that other researchers have done on the same topic. In such a situation, the researcher will have to list down the material that he/she has consulted from other researchers. A well written reference list is what ensures that the dissertation is not plagiarized. If the research has also involved the processes of issuing questionnaires and holding interviews, then these will also be clearly outlined in the methodology section. The methodologies also act as some sort of compass for the dissertation. By stating clearly why a particular methodology was chosen, then the researcher provides insight as to what the dissertation aims to achieve. This in turn provides the link between this chapter of the dissertation and the rest of the work.

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