hat is true about the applicability of strict liability? It cannot be applied to products that are defectively manufactured.

1 What is “riba” in the context of Islamic law? It is a compilation of decisions of the prophet. It refers to the making of unearned profits. It is the doctrine of proper behavior. It refers to independent reasoning. 2 The state of Oriel, Selenasia, enacts a law that imposes a 40 percent tax on automobiles that are made outside of Selenasia and sold in the state. However, Oriel does not impose this tax on Selenasian-made automobiles that are sold in Oriel. This scenario resembles a violation of which clause of the U.S. Constitution? The Multilateral Treaty Clause The Bilateral Treaty Clause The Foreign Commerce Clause The Treaty Clause 3 What is true about the applicability of strict liability? It cannot be applied to products that are defectively manufactured. It can be applied to sellers who fail to warn of generally known dangers. It can be applied to products that are defectively packaged. It cannot be applied to products that were not supported by sufficient instructions. 4 Which statement best describes an injunction as an equitable remedy? It requires a breaching party to pay damages to the injured party for both actual and foreseeable losses. It orders a breaching party to perform the acts promised in a contract. It prohibits a party from performing a particular act that may cause injury to another party. It allows a court to change the terms of a contract to make them true to the parties’ intentions. 5. What is true about consideration in the context of contracts? It also encompasses performances and services. It is exclusively in the form of tangible payments such as money or property. It is typically included in gift promises. It is an optional component of a written contract that parties can choose to omit. 6. What does a current plaintiff need to prove to succeed in a malicious prosecution lawsuit? The original plaintiff did not initiate the original lawsuit. The original lawsuit had probable cause. The original lawsuit was initiated without malice. The current plaintiff suffered injury because of the original lawsuit. 7. Quenchers Inc., a heath drink manufacturer, launches a new product called Sprint. The packaging of this drink also includes a statement that says “Fifty times healthier than Green.” Green is a product of Booster Inc., another health drink manufacturer. Quenchers has no research data to back this claim. What type of unfair business practice is illustrated in the scenario? Deceptive advertising Copyright infringement Bait and switch Restraint of trade 8. What statement is true about the powers of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the context of drug regulation? The FDA can only regulate the manufacture of prescription drugs. The FDA’s powers are restricted to the regulation of the sale of drugs. The FDA is not authorized to revoke licenses of drugs that are in use. The FDA has the authority to license new drugs. 9. Identify an accurate statement about the Treaty Clause in the context of the United States and foreign affairs. It states that a treaty can be formed when one-third of Senate members agree to it. It states that state governments can pass laws that contradict treaties signed by the federal government. It states that the U.S. president is the agent of the United States in dealing with foreign nations. It states that local state governments can also enter into treaties with foreign nations. 10. What is true of the Economic Espionage Act? It criminalizes the theft of trade secrets through the use of the Internet. It criminalizes the discovery of trade secrets through reverse engineering. It provides federal protection exclusively to trademarks and service marks. It relieves business owners of the obligation to protect their intellectual property. 11. Which statement is true about the different types of agency relationships? An employer-employee relationship involves complete transfer of authority to the employee. A principal-agent relationship involves hiring an employee to enter into contracts on behalf of the principal. A principal-agent relationship involves assigning an employee a specific physical task to perform. An employer-employee relationship involves hiring an employee to act as an agent of the employer. 12. Tanya and Amit, married for five years, have filed for divorce. They are being assisted by Rebecca in reaching a settlement. Rebecca is a retired judge, who meets with them together, and individually, to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of their cases. Which alternative dispute resolution method does this scenario best exemplify? Mini-trial Judicial referee Mediation Arbitration 13. What is true about Jewish law? It is based on the teachings in the Vedas. It is not followed anymore in Jewish home countries. It includes rules for religious and political aspects of life. It excludes doctrines related to marriage and inheritance. 14. How does the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act, enacted in 1972, extend environmental protection to the oceans? By requiring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a list of toxic air pollutants By removing marine sanctuaries in ocean waters By requiring industries to obtain a permit for dumping wastes into ocean waters By requiring industries to incur the clean up costs for contaminations caused by them 15. Which statement about personal property is true? It exclusively refers to tangible property. It can be owned only by one person. It refers to property that is movable. It exclusively encompasses real estate property. 16. What is the primary function of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? To create free trade zones for member countries and thereby bring them together To provide long-term loans to developing countries To ensure smooth and free trade flow among member countries by settling disputes To promote international fiscal stability by providing temporary monetary assistance to member countries 17. What is a disadvantage of a sole proprietorship? The owner has to take up legal responsibility for any torts committed in the business. The process of forming a sole proprietorship involves many costs. The sole proprietorship is difficult to dissolve as many shareholders are involved. The owner is required to present several legal documents to obtain federal approval to start the business. 18. What must a complainant prove in a case of disparate-treatment discrimination? The employer cited behavioral reasons for rejecting the complainant. The employer rejected the complainant despite the latter having the required qualifications. The employer sought applications from people with qualifications better than the complainant’s. The employer rejected others with the same qualifications. 19. Identify the true statement about the rights and duties of partners in a general partnership. A partner in a general partnership has the right to have the transactions of another partner reviewed by a court. A partner in a general partnership has the right to compete with the partnership by opening another business by himself or herself. A partner in a general partnership has the right to sue the partnership or another partner at law. A partner in a general partnership has the right to use the facilities of the business for personal use. 20. Which statement about strict is true? It does not protect bystanders and other individuals who were affected by defective products. It does not require a contract to be present between the plaintiff and the defendant. It places liability only on manufacturers and not sellers. It holds the defendant liable only to the purchaser of a defective product. 21. What is the scope of coverage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? It applies to state and local governments. It applies to labor unions with five or more members. It applies to employers with five or more employees. It applies to Native American tribes. 22. Identify an accurate statement about Hindu Law. It is based on the teachings of the Torah. It currently encompasses doctrines related to marriage. It includes teachings of rabbis. It is currently a combination of classical Hindu law and common law. 23. Felicia Carter, a famous singer, finds her poster on a billboard of a music academy. Felicia sues the academy because it did not inform her or seek permission to use her poster. What kind of intentional tort does this scenario best exemplify? Disparagement Appropriation Invasion of the right to privacy Defamation of character 24. Identify a difference between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The IMF is funded by contributions of developed countries; the World Bank is funded by developing countries. The IMF has its headquarters in Washington, DC; the World Bank in The Hague, the Netherlands. The IMF has more than 180 member countries; the World Bank has 60 member countries. The IMF grants short-term loans to member countries; the World Bank grants long-term loans to developing countries. 25. Identify an accurate statement about the World Trade Organization (WTO). It has 180 member nations. It has its headquarters in Washington, DC. It has a seven-member appellate body that hears appeals. It has a five-member panel that hears trade disputes. 26. Tanvi was the breaching party in a breach of contract lawsuit. The court ordered Tanvi to pay a certain amount of damages to the plaintiff. However, Tanvi refused to pay these damages. The court has now issued a writ that orders the county sheriff to seize and auction the property owned by Tanvi to pay the damages owed to the plaintiff. In this scenario, what kind of writ has been issued in the context of remedies for a breach of contract? Writ of attachment Writ of quo-warranto Writ of garnishment Writ of payment 27. The country of Tahomia entered into an agreement with the federal government of Batang to reduce trade barriers between the two countries. However, one state in Tahomia has certain laws that prohibit the sale of Batang-made products. According to the constitution of Tahomia, such rules made by the state will automatically become invalid. This scenario closely resembles which clause of the U.S. Constitution? The Convention Clause The Treaty Clause The Bilateral Treaty Clause The Foreign Clause 28. Tamara is a content developer at Moon Loop Inc., a content management company. Her job profile involves describing diagrams and flowcharts. She is not allowed to make decisions or sign agreements on behalf of the company. In this scenario, what agency relationship most likely exists between Tamara and Moon Loop Inc.? Principal-employer relationship Principal-agent relationship Employee-agent relationship Employer-employee relationship 29. What is true of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a United Nations agency? It has its headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands. It does not provide loans to member countries. It is funded by contributions of member countries. It was established before the Great Depression of the 1930s. 30. Identify an accurate statement about shareholders. They elect the board of directors of a corporation. They handle the daily operations of a corporation. They have several management duties. They are agents of a corporation.

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