Dissertation – Formatting Service

Our formatting services usually aim to ensure that the general formatting instructions for the dissertation are followed to the latter. The formatting of the dissertation is a very important step of writing it.  This is usually the last step and it follows the proofreading of the whole paper. Our writers provide exceptional formatting services. They also have vast experience in writing and are therefore well acquainted with all the formatting styles.

The rules that are usually given regarding the writing of the dissertation often include the formatting style to be used. Our writers are familiar with the following formatting styles, MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian. They will format the dissertation in accordance to the instructions provided. The formatting of a dissertation also requires the writer to check whether it complies with the font size and alignment stipulated in the instructions. The general font size that is applicable is usually 12 point and this is the font that the writers apply if the instructions do not provide otherwise. They also align the entire document and ensure that the body and corresponding titles are formatted as per the client’s requirements.

Our writers are also very keen on aligning the margins of the documents according to the required specifications. Aligning the margins properly ensures that the document is well placed and it is standardized. Also, they will be careful about the line spacing and type spacing which are also other factors to consider when formatting dissertations. The standard spacing that our writers use is 2.0 unless the clients requests otherwise. Pagination is also another matter that ought to be considered when formatting a dissertation. Furthermore, the title page should be the first page of the dissertation. The numbering system that the writers use is generally Arabic numbering unless the client specifies that another numbering system should be applied.

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