Data Analysis – STATA

Data Analysis Service – STATA

STATA- Some universities usually specify the type of software that their students are required to use. The supervisors of dissertations may also have their own preferred software. STATA is one of the most widely preferred and used software for data analysis. Our writers are also experienced in the use of this software in data analysis processes. This software is widely favored by a lot of researchers because it usually provided multiple choices according to the needs of the client. This software is also available in a variety of versions which vary according to the needs of each client therefore, the larger the amount of data, the higher the version of the software. Our writers are however very experienced and they are able to apply any of the four versions of the software. We are therefore able to provide quality services regardless of how demanding the needs of the client are. The major fields in which this software is applied include those that require the analysis of statistics which include even those in scientific fields. Other reasons why many institutions prefer the STATA software include:

Graphics- STATA allows one to create and apply graphic illustrations of data. Our writers are also qualified in offering these services and are able to use STATA for this purpose.

Linear and multiple analysis-STATA can also be used for both single and multiple analyses of data. This is actually one of the features that ensure that STATA stands out from among the other data analysis software. STATA is also applicable in the management of data, statistical analysis, custom programming and simulations.

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